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What's Up Woodcock?

The 'rescued' wooden breadboard is surprisingly heavy - weighing in at around 1.5kg. Hand painted by Marjolein and depicting a concerned Long-tailed tit asking a resting Woodcock if all is well; as the Bumble Bee observes the conversation.

In the main, a tribute to the Woodcock, a shy, attractive bird sadly in decline throughout the United Kingdom. The Woodcock and Long-tailed tit often share the same kind of habitat.
The breadboard painting measures:

Height: 40cm. Including Handle: 42cm.
Width: 30cm.
Depth: 2cm.

The built-in robust metal handle makes this work of art ready to hang in your home.



This project was given similar treatment as that given to The Chair, Squirre/Nuthatch and Wren: sanding down by hand, application of primer, the original and detailed paintings of Woodcock and friends, along with the undergrowth and leaves, completed using Daler & Rowney Acrylic paint. Copper and gold highlights were applied appropriately with three coats of eggshell varnish to finish.


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Blue Tits In The Apple Blossom ... Where Friends Gather ..

Originally, an early 1900's, solid oak wood - shield shaped and bevelled, hanging cloakroom mirror with three useful metal hooks. Now transformed into this beautiful work of art by Marjolein.

Ready to hang and still useful ! The three metal hooks and the bevelled mirror are original. The painting was created using Daler & Rowney / Windsor & Newton acrylic paints. Copper and Gold highlights. Finished with 3 coats of Craig & Rose clear, acrylic eggshell varnish. On a background of Dulux acrylic - ivory shade.
Featuring: Hand painted Blue Tits (x4) and Apple Blossom branches.
Maximum Dimension (approx.):
Height: 34cm.
Width: 23.5cm.
Thickness: 1.5cm.
Beveled Mirror: Width: 11.5cm. Height: 7.5cm.

Combining Original Art with Home Decor


Blue Tits In The Apple Blossom is available to purchase however please check

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The Chair and Squirrel/Nuthatch







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