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Pet Paintings and Art ON OBJECTS ...

Your pet portrait can be painted [all we need is a good photograph] on fine art paper using watercolours or canvas using acrylic paints. Garden or indoor plaques to suit your requirements. Art - in a style of your choice - on a wide variety of objects, or from stock with our Wildlife and Nature theme and utilising a range of natural materials, painted entirely by artist Marjolein Haworth, using Daler Rowney and Windsor & Newton acrylic paints.



You can view more of Marjolein's art and craft creations at ArtyChocs:


If you have a favourite OBJECT you would like Marjolein to bring 'alive' - get in touch

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The Chair and Squirrel/Nuthatch

What's Up Woodcock

Blue Tits In The Apple Blossom


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